Counselling for Relationship Issues

Do you need help with your relationship? If you are experiencing relationship problems you feel you can’t solve on your own, you may feel pain, loneliness and even despair. Relationship counselling can help you understand your needs and your partner better. It can also help identify whether to stay together or not.

Reset Mind Counselling and Coaching
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Do you need help with relationships?

  • Maybe you are trying to save your relationship?
  • Perhaps you are facing a breakup or want to end a relationship?
  • Maybe you want to find a relationship that will last?

What are typical relationship problems we can help with?

  • How to find a relationship that will last and is right for you
  • How to deal with an abusive relationship
  • Repairing and rebuilding relationship communication
  • Understanding your own needs and the needs of your partner
  • Setting and implementing boundaries
  • Managing relationship conflict
  • Ending a relationship
  • Coping with a relationship break up – separation or divorce
  • Dealing with relationship affairs
  • Relationship dating
  • Managing relationship depression, stress or anxiety
  • Starting a relationship
  • Managing a love hate relationship
  • Managing jealousy and anger

How can counselling help with relationships?

At Reset Mind, your counsellor can help you identify and understand the factors that are causing relationship problems. We will teach you simple steps you can take to improve your relationship difficulties, quickly.

You can attend as an individual to work through your concerns or as a couple in couples relationship counselling.

Therapy and tools to help with relationships

I use a combination of counselling and interpersonal therapy (IPT), which includes some education and active strategies, to help you achieve the improvements you want. It can also help you work out whether your relationship is worth saving and decide whether to end it and support you through this process.

  • Learn strategies and techniques that will help you to find a lasting relationship
  • Discover simple behaviours that can help you save your relationship
  • Learn how effective communication can help you and your partner really understand each other
  • Find out how differences between men and women can cause problems and offer solutions
  • Discover proven strategies that can help maintain lasting, healthy relationships and marriages
  • Learn how to prevent problems from destroying your relationship now or in the future

How much does relationship counselling cost?

Exploratory 30-min session: Free

For individual relationship counselling – Further sessions (50-minutes) £55 via video call online or telephone, block bookings of 6 sessions £50, for face-to-face sessions, please add £15 per session (concessions may be offered for clients with proof of claiming benefits and student counsellors – enquire for details)

For couples relationship counsellingFurther sessions (50-minutes) £65 via video call online or telephone, block bookings of 6 x 50-minute sessions £60, for face-to-face sessions, please add £15 per session.

If you’d like help with your relationship, sign-up for a FREE exploratory session with Ann-Marie at Reset Mind, simply SMS MESSAGE ME on 07526185959 OR complete the form below to arrange your first session.

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